Congratulations to the Senior Academic Honour Society

14 Aug 2020

Our congratulations to members of the Senior Academic Honour Society, who were recognised at a special function on Tuesday evening.

The members of the 2020 Senior Academic Honour Society are:
  • Jade Begovich (Sc)
  • John Carter (Wb)
  • Jeremy Choong (Fr)
  • Nathan Hazle (Sc)
  • Alexander Jones (Ha)
  • Samuel Morrison (He)
  • Trent Sherlock (Be)
  • William Tang (Sc)
  • Charlie Weston (He)
  • Terence Win (St)
The students were asked to invite a teacher who had made a significant impact on their time at the School. The following teachers attended the event:
  • Ms Jessica Rumble
  • Mr Simon Lumbus
  • Mr Craig Naylor
  • Mrs Siza Macdonald
  • Mr Gavin Swan
  • Mr Mel Weston
  • Ms Jennifer Patriquin
  • Mr Adrien Creuzot
  • Mr Tony Wildman
  • Mr James Cheah
Our thanks and appreciation to the guest speaker, Old Guildfordian and former Captain of School, Mr Fraser Pensini.