Celebrating National Reconciliation Week - By Mr Joshua Casey

28 Apr 2020

To recognise National Reconciliation Week I asked a number of our Indigenous students to reflect and write a sentence on "how major events in our shared history, involving Indigenous people, have impacted you today."

These reflections have been made into an exhibition that is now on display in the Chapel of St Mary & St George.

All the students have been directly or indirectly affected by events throughout our written history. The exhibition's intent was to have people read the stories and thoughts of our Indigenous youth, as Aboriginal peoples' history and experiences are delivered orally. Cultural customs have been passed down orally, as have stories, from generation to generation. We thought it was appropriate to give the students a voice and let them speak from the heart.

Some of the themes that are visited are sensitive and raw. The emotional maturity of our students is astounding, and this exhibition gives a genuine insight into our Aboriginal youth.

I sent the reflections to DevelopmentWA who were so impressed with the words, and the artwork designed by a group of our students from the Pilbarra, that they are displaying them on the screens in Yagan Square for the next week.

Celebrating National Reconciliation Week
by Joshua Casey, Indigenous Program Coordinator