Year 1 students explore the 'whys' of fire with Dr Harris!

2 Aug 2019

Some of our Year 1 students today enjoyed a special lesson with Dr Julie Harris, Director of Teaching and Learning, on  fire safety.  The lesson was developed in response to the students' questions, as listed below, in relation to fire:

Jaxon: how did people make fire in the olden days?
Izak: how did the first men make fire?
Mikalia: how does a man make fire?
Jack: how did Aboriginal people use fire?
Reagan: how many colours are in fire?
Sapphia: how do you make sparks?
Hannah: how hot is lightning?
Jack: how hot is the sun?
Austin: where does lightning come from?
James: what is fire made out of?
Ignacio: how does fire make light?
Afraz: what’s the sun made of?
Olivia: why does fire get so hot?
Peter: how do they light fires with petrol?
Jenisha: how to light a match?
Ignacio: how does water put a fire out?

Thank you to Dr Harris for presenting such an interesting and interactive lesson for our curious Year 1 students!

To learn more about the importance of 'why' in Early Learning, please visit our Early Learning page.