School Holiday Challenge - 1000 Hours of Awe

5 Jul 2019

Mr Clark Wight has issued a holiday challenge for the July break, to see how much time we can collectively spend in nature with no buzzing, beeping or "hurry up we are late for..." Just real time in nature with no plans, just endless possibilities, spending some time in nature and enjoying 'slow time'. Our goal is to log 1000 hours in nature across the Preparatory School!

All you need to do is keep a track of how many hours you spend in nature each week and at the end of the week enter the number into our online form at We will update the special 'time gauge' each day so that you can track our progress towards our goal!

We will email you a reminder every Friday to send in your hours!

When we find reclaimed time and the meaning of slow and connected we 're-find' ourselves.

Enjoy re-finding yourself!