Congratulations to Member of Senior Academic Honour Society

20 Aug 2019

Last night in the Dining Hall we celebrated the induction of eight Year 12 students into the Senior Academic Honour Society at a formal dinner, joined by our guest speaker Mr Chandler Comerford, a former US Navy SEAL who now works as a leadership consultant and trainer. The Senior Academic Honour Society celebrates Year 12 students who have scored a minimum of ten A achievement grades from Year 11 in Semester 1 and 2, and Year 12 in Semester 1.  Congratulations to the following students:

Benjamin Bozich (12SG) 
Aidan Crummey (12SG) 
Hamish Lyford (12St)
Zachary Matthews (12Fr) 
Luke Osborne (12Be) 
Shine Saju (12Sc) 
Ross Stone (12Be) 
Jack Sutton (12Be) 

Mr Comerford spoke with great heart, conviction and passion about three key guiding principles that would assist the students in their lives beyond the school gates. He encouraged them to:
  1. Keep perspective – even in the most challenging of circumstances broadening your perspective can enable you to see things differently and with greater clarity
  2. Value fellowship – working together in a group with shared values enables all members of the group to support each other through difficult moments. Always be prepared to seek and give support to others
  3. Demonstrate commitment – “successful people finish what they start before they start it”. Why? Because they have already made the commitment to see the task through before they even begin.
It was a wonderful evening sharing this prestigious achievement with the students, their families and invited teachers.