The GGS Smoothie for a smooth start to 2019!

17 Dec 2018

The GGS smoothie was inspired by new students starting at the school in 2019.  In contains all of the ingredients necessary for a smooth start to the year!


Water - to go with the flow
Grapes - to hang out as a  bunch
Nuts - because it is OK to be a little nuts when you start in a new year level!
Tumeric - to add a little zest and spice
Passion fruit - be you, be unique, bring your passions
Dragon fruit - try new and different things
Chia seeds - the little things make a big difference
Goji berries - bring your fun and get up and go!
Spinach - stay strong and healthy
Ice - stay cool if things don't go your way
Prune juice - to stay relaxed!
Mint - because fresh breath is nice for everyone
Orange - 'orange' you glad you be at GGS!

Most importantly - add your own ingredients because you will add much to our amazing school!