Alexander's suitcase and bag appeal for the homeless

9 Aug 2018

Alexander's suitcase and bag appeal for the homeless
Year 9 student Alexander Pepermans has initiated a campaign to collect suitcases and bags to help the homeless and those living rough to carry their possessions. 

Through his volunteer work with the Perth Homeless Support Group, Alexander has identified that those less fortunate, living roughly on the streets, may not have the ability to carry their possessions and require some type of bag or suitcase.    He is now seeking donations of backpacks, carry bags or suitcases, which can either be dropped off at the Preparatory School Reception or the Community Relations Office (located in the cottage near the cross walk on Terrace Road). 

Backpacks, carry bags or suitcases must be in working order and not damaged and the suitcases need to have wheels. 

Contributions can be made until Friday 24 August at which point Alexander will arrange for the donated goods to be delivered to the Perth Homeless Support Group where the bags and suitcases will be distributed to the those less fortunate who live without a place to call home.