The K2 Reading Challenge is on!

14 Jun 2017

Exciting news! Our K2 ‘climb’ has been approved and we are ready to start. This daunting challenge issued to our Prep boys and girls is to climb the mountain, K2, in books per metre. This is a feat few have accomplished, but we believe you are ready!

Families can look outside Mr Wight's office to see our mountain and the journey we will undertake to read or be read 8,611 books as we reach the summit. We have created a seamless and easy way for families to record the number of books they read, or have read to them, each week.  Families simply navigate to our K2 page and enter the number of books for the week in the box.  The number will be recorded and we will be able to keep a cumulative total each week, which will be shown on Mr Wight's window and will be announced in future editions of the Bulletin. For our early climbers in Kindy and Pre-Primary, your books count just as much as do our readers from Years 1-6. We need you!

Families can record their book by clicking on

Just to let you know - this challenge may take us a while. It will run for the remainder of this term and through the July holidays and we may finish in Term 3. Don’t give up. This is one of our ‘growth’ challenges for the year. Be ready for a second GROWTH challenge during our holidays as well!