Samuel's Work Placement at 6PR

15 Feb 2017

Our Workplace Learning Program has produced some great outcomes for our students, including Year 12 student Samuel, who recently completed a very successful work placement at radio station News Talk 6PR 882. In Samuel's own words, it was an amazing experience working in such a large company with such a broad audience network.

One of Samuel's primary jobs was answering the phones for the talk back segments, where he would record the caller's name and their topic of conversation. He would then send this information to the studio so that the on-air presenter could address the caller by name and know a bit about their topic of conversation.

Samuel's experience also extended into the studio, where he was involved in creating audio cuts for the sports shows and conducting research for the on-air presenters.

Samuel really enjoyed his time with 6PR and met lots of great people who helped him to learn the ropes and make the most of his work placement. We thank everyone involved in making this such a amazing experience for Samuel.