Join us for yoga by the river!

30 Jan 2017

Yoga by the Boat Shed!
Commencing on Thursday 16 February at 8.45am and running on a weekly basis, Cameron Fraser from Kāma Wellness is conducting yoga classes on the grassed area near the Boat Shed. Classes cost $15 per person, per session and bookings are not required.

A 2010 Guildford Grammar School graduate, Cameron has since traveled to many parts of the globe and studied under many different teachers, from Theravadan Buddhist Monks of northern Thailand and Ayahuasquero Shamans of the Amazon Jungle to Hindu Yogis of Indus-Ganga and Medicine Men of the Sonoran Desert. As part of his intensive studies, Cameron has formally trained as a yoga teacher of the Hatha tradition. It is this training, as well as his incredible life experiences, that he draws on to bring yoga classes to the grounds of Guildford Grammar School.

Cameron is hoping to give back to the school that gave him so much as a young man and hopes that you are open to receiving some of the spiritual wisdom imparted to him from the fantastic teachers he has known throughout the years, including the ones that began his journey at Guildford Grammar School some 10 years ago.

The cost of the classes is $15 per person per session and bookings are not required, please just come along to the Boat Shed to participate in the classes.

For any queries regarding the class please contact Cameron directly on 0424 692 009.