Focus on Cadets - For Girls and Boys from 2018

29 Jun 2017

The Australian Army Cadets is a leading national youth development organisation, with the character and values of the Australian Army, founded on a strong community partnership, fostering and supporting an ongoing interest in the Australian Army.

The Australian Army Cadets is a personal development program for young people, conducted by the Australian Army in cooperation with the community, which is designed to benefit the nation by developing the individual, their community and the Australian Army. The Australian Army Cadets adopts the values of the Australian Army - Courage, Initiative, Respect and Teamwork - to empower youth to achieve their potential.

The Australian Army Cadets is co-educational, with all community based units open to both girls and boys. In 2016, nearly 3000 of the 16000 Australian Army Cadets around Australia were female. Many of the large school based units in the Eastern States are in boys schools, and this contributes to the apparent difference in representation between the two genders.

Guildford Grammar School Cadet Unit has a long and proud history; having been founded in 1905, it is the longest continuously existing cadet unit in WA. The advent of co-education is an exciting development in this long history. From 2018 onwards, Year 11 girls will be able to join the Unit for the first time, as part of the normal recruitment process in Years 10 and 11. Thereafter, both girls and boys in Years 10-12 will be able to enrol. At Guildford Grammar School, cadets parade on a Friday afternoon as part of the Friday Afternoon co-curricular program.

The training program is varied, combining military skills, such as fieldcraft, drill and navigation, with adventurous training activities, such as abseiling, canoeing, and mountain biking. Cadets take part in one weekend bivouac per term, which runs from Saturday afternoon until Monday afternoon to minimise the impact on sporting fixtures. Some of these are organised in conjunction with other units, such as Christ Church Grammar School, and in 2018 St Hilda’s. During bivouacs, female cadets will be supervised by female cadet staff. Girls will take part in all activities on an equal footing to boys, and will be eligible to take part in promotion courses and other State and National activities.

The Cadet Unit at Guildford Grammar School offers girls the opportunity to challenge themselves in a safe and supportive environment, to develop initiative and self-confidence and to gain invaluable leadership skills.

Anyone seeking further information on the Cadet program at Guildford Grammar School can contact Mr Martin Dell.