Small Business Project Students Enter the Dragon's Den!

7 Apr 2016

We entered the Dragon's Den this morning as the Year 7 Small Business Project X class presented their business ideas to a panel of potential investors made up of Mr Webber, Mr Prosser, Mrs Goforth and Mr Creuzot. The teams were: Resculptured (recycled art), Glare (technology), EdgyGames (Games Shop), Techno-Foods (3D printed food), Kuz Kustoms (car customisation) and Mickey Mike's (milk bar). The boys did an excellent job as entrepreneurs, presenting business cases that included start-up costs, revenue and expenses, profits, investment opportunities, competitors and structure. Congratulations to Techno Foods, who received a $20,000 investment from Mr Webber for a 20% return, and to Mickey Mike's who received a $7,000 offer for a 10% return from Mrs Goforth.