Congratulations to our 2016 Scholarship Recipients

3 Feb 2016

Congratulations to the following students who were awarded scholarships for 2016:

Taine McGough – Darcy Slater Scholarship
Orlando De Santis – Council Scholarship
William Hutson – Council Scholarship
Angus Jones – Council Scholarship
Leo Oldfield – Council Scholarship
Lachlan Bella – Harry Campbell Pope Scholarship
Leeuwin Gillett – Harry Campbell Pope Scholarship
Thomas Sykes – Harry Campbell Pope Scholarship
Oliver Zolnier-Owens – Harry Campbell Pope Scholarship
David Cottier – Calder Crowther Scholarship
Jordan Bushby – Go Forward Scholarship
Luke Osborne – Go Forward Scholarship
Shine Saju – Go Forward Scholarship
Cassius Hynam – Clothworker’s Foundation Scholarship
Rielke Cocliff – Open Music Scholarship
Noah Dowe – Open Music Scholarship
Declan Firth – Open Music Scholarship                                 
Nathan Osborne – Open Music Scholarship
Niall Overton – Open Music Scholarship
Jonathan Choong – FA Moss Progress Scholarship
Joel Moffet – FA Moss Year 11 Scholarship
Cassius Hynam – FA Moss Year 12 Scholarship
Christopher Meadows – George and Marion Lefroy Scholarship
Joshua Ding – The Old Guildfordians’ Memorial Science Scholarship