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Refugee Scholarships - Now Closed


Guildford Grammar School has a proud history of providing educational opportunities for a broad range of students who would not normally have the means to attend the School, which is directly linked to our purpose, our Anglican ethos and egalitarian outlook. This includes a comprehensive Indigenous Scholarship program with approximately 40 students currently enrolled.

The School Council has endorsed with enthusiasm the formation of a Refugee Scholarship program that will enable students to enrol at the School and experience the full range of opportunities that a Guildford Grammar School education can provide.

The Scholarship will provide the following support:

  • 100% of the tuition costs for a day student
  • The cost of any School camps
  • The cost of School uniforms (formal and sport)
  • The cost of School books
  • Tuition support in English
  • Counselling support if appropriate
To apply, please submit the following:
  1. Completed Application for Enrolment Form
  2. No application fee is payable
  3. Copy of student's Birth Certificate
  4. Visa Documentation (refugee status)
  5. Semester 1 and Semester 2, 2018 school reports
  6. Semester 1, 2019 school report
  7. NAPLAN copies
  8. Personal References (teachers, coaches or community leaders)
  9. Candidate Testimonial
Please submit your completed application before 2.00pm (WA time) on Friday 6 September by email to registrar@ggs.wa.edu.au or deliver to:

Mrs Tamara Laurito
Thwaites Centre
Guildford Grammar School
11 Terrace Rd
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If you have any questions about this process, please contact (08) 9377 9222 or via registrar@ggs.wa.edu.au .  Late applications cannot be accepted following the closing date of 2.00pm on Friday 6 September, 2019.