Guildford Grammar School operates a comprehensive recreation program to ensure our boarders can strike that important balance between study and leisure time. 

At the start of each term, the Recreation Officer produces a program of the recreational activities to be offered over the coming months. Generally, each weekend involves at least one activity per year group in which any boarder may participate and there are often occasions when boarders may choose from multiple activities.

Events in the program may include ice-skating, trips to theme parks and cinemas, socials, shopping, water-based activities, indoor sports and events with other schools. The recreation program is posted in Houses, published in the Boarders' Bulletin and posted to parents at the start of each term so that both parents and students may plan their weekend exeats and local leave.

During the week the Recreation Officer outlines the events of the coming weekend and boarders are invited to 'sign-up' to participate. Once admitted, students are expected to attend their chosen event unless they liaise directly with the Recreation Officer in good time to make alterations.

Click here to view the Recreation Program for Term 1, 2019

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