Our spacious campus on the leafy banks of the Swan River is ideal for sport and recreation.  There is plenty of space for our boarders to explore, be free and have fun.

In addition to the School's comprehensive co-curricular program, our boarders enjoy an extensive program that is aimed at providing a full and rich boarding experience.  Recreational activity is critical to ensure our boarders enjoy a healthy balance of leisure and study time.

The School has a dedicated Boarding Recreation Officer who develops a program of activities designed to appeal to a wide range of interests and pursuits. Activities can include ice-skating, trips to theme parks and cinemas, socials, shopping, water-based activities, indoor sports and events with other schools. 

Within the school campus boarders can also play sport, swim, go fishing, ride bikes or exercise around our expansive grounds.

Student can also play or listen to music. Our music program is the most vibrant and varied in the State, with 23 Senior School music ensembles. Tuition is available on a large selection of musical instruments.